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For those who don’t know, my wife is currently pregnant with our 2nd child. She’s about 8 weeks along, and really going through some tough bouts with nausea. On Monday morning, she had some bleeding and went to check it out with the doctor. The doctor said to have lots of rest and try to relax, because it happens sometime. She was fine that evening, and yesterday.

Well, this morning, I was at work, and my wife called me, saying that she’s got some spotting (bleeding), and that it was continuous, and she also had shoulder pains since a few days ago. I rushed home from work and took her to a doctor, who then proceeded to tell her to get an ultrasound. We feared an Ectopic pregnancy due to those symptoms.

About 3 pm this afternoon, after the ultrasound, it turned out that the baby is fine, and the bleeding was probably due to the placenta trying to attach itself to the uterus (? .. correct me if I’m wrong here, not a MD :) ). Whew, that was a huge relief, and we’re so thankful that the child is ok.

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