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I’ve long stood against purchasing any Macintosh machines because of their incompatibility with software developed for the Intel platform. But now they’ve come out with Intel based machines such as the Intel MacBook Pro, I might just change my mind :)
Now, I just need to find US$2000 to cover the cost of one of these babies…
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Just came back from eating wings at Shoeless Joes with the usual crew (him and him). This is starting to be a bi-weekly thing going on :)
I have to recommend the wings though, they’re really good. The lattice fries also come recommended.

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Google has been making so much noise within the last few years, it would hardly surprise anyone if they came out with a PC of their own, complete with their own brand of operating system. [Link]

I’m still not convinced that it could gain that much of a marketshare, considering that it’ll come out with a relatively unknown OS. Sure, Google has proven that it’s top dog in the web world, but jumping into OS and hardware doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be on top there too.

Right now, I think there’s still too much speculation on what exactly will be announced this Friday to get too excited about this.

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If you either intentionally or unintentionally use your language and name your product something which translates to a well known brand, you could get sued. [Link].

I wonder if a central and global authority for copyrights should exist, having the list of copyrighted brands/trademarks for everybody in the whole world, including different translations in different languages?
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I actually dreamt I was running laps around some building and then proceeded to do lots of situps. I just wish the dream could actually affect my physical body while I’m asleep; then all I’d have to do is dream the same thing over and over again for a full year :)
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