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I’ve been using Site5 as my webhosting provider for 1 month now, and just thought I’d post a review of how it’s going.

I first signed up because of all the good reviews it was getting in various forums, including Webhostingtalk and Sitepoint. My main consideration was good support in case of problems.

So here’s some points about Site5 within 1 month of usage:
- Great support! I had a couple of problems just after I signed up, and each time I emailed support with a problem, within a very short term (within minutes in one case), someone replied to my email query, and problems were solved very quickly.
- I just love Fantastico – giving access to many packages and quick installs with a few clicks.
- No downtime as yet.
- Lots of useful tools (stats etc…) and easy to use control panel.

I realize that it’s too quick to say this is the greatest webhosting company of all time :), and that many things can happen to a good company (I’ve experienced this a few times, good company at the beginning, gets too big and ends up going belly up), but so far, Site5 has really lived up to the hype in all the forums and reviews.

Great work guys, keep it up.

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