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Here’s one interesting and crazy thing that happens in Indonesia quite regularly: bad service.

With so many malls popping up everywhere, it also follows that many new restaurants open up in those malls.

You would think that the owners of these restaurants would know when their establishments would be fully packed and need extra staff to serve the customers (especially because new facilities also require new staff, who will have a steeper learning curve).

What you get when you fail to plan enough servers near opening day is crappy service. I’ve lost count of the number of crappy first experiences I’ve had to deal with while in Indonesia. And crappy service, is not the first impression you’d like your customers to have.

As they say, first impressions are important, so why can’t these smart owners who have enough money to open such fancy restaurants be savy enough to plan such things ahead?

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We went out to Casey’s Bar and Grill last night because we had a 2 for 1 dinner coupon, and it expired yesterday.

Ordered the 14 oz NY Steak with grilled portabello mushrooms, while my wife had the Rib n Wing combo. The food was delicious, steak tasted great (albeit, not as good as Ruth’s Chris :) ), and ditto with the Ribs and Wings.

After that we decided to try out the Mile High Chocolate cake, which was awesome. By the end of the night, we were so full, it was hard to breathe. I’d recommend trying out Casey’s to anyone.

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Just came back from eating wings at Shoeless Joes with the usual crew (him and him). This is starting to be a bi-weekly thing going on :)
I have to recommend the wings though, they’re really good. The lattice fries also come recommended.

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When we need to eat out, and are on a tight budget, we usually go to the nearest Vietnamese restaurant called Pho Mi.

There are a couple of dishes that my wife and I order on a regular basis, and these are 2 of them: The rice with grilled chicken and fried egg, as well as vermicelli with grilled chicken and spring rolls. The drink is just a rare order, with mixed red and mung beans with green jelly. It’s quite nice for a hot and humid day like today (it’s 32 C and it’s 9 pm !!!)

There are 2 other dishes that we rotate on sometimes, and I’ll post them next time we eat there :)

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