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Well, after months (even years) thinking about buying a notebook, I finally got one. It’s an ASUS A8Jm. Gonna pick it up this afternoon.

I’ll post the details this evening after I get it :)

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Google has been making so much noise within the last few years, it would hardly surprise anyone if they came out with a PC of their own, complete with their own brand of operating system. [Link]

I’m still not convinced that it could gain that much of a marketshare, considering that it’ll come out with a relatively unknown OS. Sure, Google has proven that it’s top dog in the web world, but jumping into OS and hardware doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be on top there too.

Right now, I think there’s still too much speculation on what exactly will be announced this Friday to get too excited about this.

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I was just chatting with a friend of mine about Macintosh’s and Apple, and it just hit me like a freight train. I don’t know why this hadn’t clicked in my mind before, probably because I don’t really care about Mac’s that much (personally I don’t buy the argument that working with design is better on the Mac. Why, with enough hardware power and same software on the PC, it should be the same considering price vs performance).

Anyway, with an x86 based Macintosh, wouldn’t this make Mac’s just another kind of glorified Dell or other major brand? What would differentiate Apple PC’s from other kind of brands when they’re all running Windows OS’ and apps? Fine, it would probably have sole ownership of the OS X, but other than that, what would this be besides a chance to jump into the market to try grab some Windows users? I think it’s a rather risky move since it might just turn off hard core Mac users instead, and cause them to lose market share.

This move still baffles me. Anybody care to elaborate the possible reasons for this?

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