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Thinking of something for your kid for their birthday? How bout surprising them with some of these ideas?

- TASER X3 triple shot
Good way to teach them about how the police can subdue unruly people without truly hurting them. Hey, isn’t that kinda like teaching them about not always using force to get your way? Diplomacy training for kids :)

- Mount a 100″ TV in the ceiling
This will definitely make you a mom/dad of the year candidate, and also set yourself up for some obesity/eye problems in the future. Hey, at least you’re gonna keep them home a lot this way.

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BK tests Motion Power kinetic energy harvester
[via: Engadget]
I think this is pretty cool. The government of Indonesia should learn a thing or two from this and implement this all through Jakarta :). It would generate tons of energy and save a lot of money in the process.

HTC Hero
[via: Engadget]
I’d love to have this HTC be my next cellphone, but man is it expensive (499 Euro or Pounds, I forgot).

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Another very good article on improving traffic to your site

10 things to do with Technorati
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Very good article on how to be great at networking.

Useful information on Google search techniques.

Very nice, tried it, voice still cut off sometimes.

Don’t try this at work folks )
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Beware how loud you type, someone could decipher your password from hearing you type it.

Is there ANY technological area Microsoft isn’t trying to get into?

I think they’re doing the right thing by reviewing what’s causing delays and responding to it.

Trying to take on the Technorati’s of the world?
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A ninja?
I wish I could learn how to do that. D Probably I’ll have to break a bone or two before I can do what he does.

I wonder how our legs can withstand that kind of impacts?

Fighting scenes and capoeira
Same crazy martial arts moves.

Monkey man?
I’ll be out of breath by the first one minute of the chase. P His name is David Belle btw. Is that a movie scene from somewhere?

Amazing breakdancing moves
Finally, something that I can do. Yeah right! P Watch his “push-up” at the end of the clips. Crazy stuff!!

And1 soccer
For the soccer fans out there!

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Hahah, funny issue. Take a look.

I’m all pro Microsoft and all that, but this is a bit overdoing it.

There goes the Ipod Mini, kinda short lived, but its replacement looks nice.

These do look nice, but Sony’s price premium is still there.

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Microsoft buys Pc to phone company
Skype, Yahoo, Google, Microsoft battling it out. Can this be anything but good for consumers?

Mastercard to go public
Interesting… although I wonder why?

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Potty ringer
No kidding, people really do this?

Wakamaru robot
What is it with Japanese and robots? ) But this one looks like a great deal for the future if it can help around the house a bit

Samsung 19″ Laptop
Found out via a friend of mine yesterday, good to have, unfortunately no Samsung products in the US or Canada

Self driving car from GM
This would be nice on the 401, which is almost always jammed these days

PC running 8 screens
Just what I need to replace the clutter on my screen

Hamster powered charger
Can I get a million hamsters running to power everything in my house?

How to fold a shirt
I’m lousy at this, why can’t we just leave it in the dryer and pick it up when we need it?

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What do you think about traditions (in general)? Is it something that should be followed to the Tee? Should it serve as a ‘manual’ and thus any deviation from it will imply rebellion?

Or nobody cares at all?

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