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For the last mont or so, I’ve been getting tons of [tag]comment spam[/tag] each day (not in the hundreds, but at least the fifties or so). Not really mind boggling compared to some large blogs out there, but still quite damn annoying to see and delete from the comments pool.

So, I got the [tag]Akismet[/tag] plugin for WordPress, a server based comment spam filter, and I have to say it’s been working great. Haven’t had any that got through the filter yet, and I don’t have to keep on marking and deleting comment spam. If you’re having problems with comment spam, give Akismet a try.

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Well, sadly our experimentation with The Cooler Zone has ended. It seems that none of us have the time to post quality articles there. So I’ve imported all the posts to this site, and from now on I’ll be posting just on this site.

It was fun while it lasted, thanks to Henry and Kurnia who contributed quite a bit to that blog.

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I’ve decided to give WordPress 2.0 a whirl, mainly because I couldn’t get Qumana XP to work with NucleusCMS properly. Now to find a nice looking theme for it.

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As I mentioned on my personal blog, I’ve downloaded Qumana LE and have been playing around for a bit with it. First off, I really think this is a great product for bloggers. Sometimes I think of an issue to blog about, and the thought of having to log on to the server before posting actually holds me back from doing so. With Qumana, I just fire up the editor and blog away.

Of course, being new on the scene, there are still some issues to be ironed out. These are just some of my observations from using Qumana for a couple of posts:
  • When I use the MetaWebLog API, both my blogs return errors when clicking on previous posts, as well as the categories drop down list. I’ve posted this issue on the Qumana forums.
  • When I switch to the MovableType API, the errors disappear, and yet I still can’t select any category from the drop down list, so I have to do it manually from the web.
  • How do I edit in HTML mode?
  • Uh oh, look at all this messy HTML that gets published )
  • If I try to insert multiple tags (eg. Qumana, Qumana LE), it shows Qumana twice, and LE once. I have to do Qumana, Qumana+LE and delete the + sign manually once the tags have been inserted.
  • No capability to do strike through font (I never usually do this, but just happened that I needed to do this earlier today).
Overall, I can live with all those problems sans the category drop down list problem (BIG one for me) and messy HTML that gets produced, and I’m pretty sure the team will fix those quickly. Apart from that, what’s not to like? Spell checking, easy image, link and tag inserting, WYSIWYG editor and in general a great productivity tool. I think I’m sticking with this for awhile ) . Thanks for a great product guys!

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I’ve just downloaded Qumana LE, a WYSIWYG editor that allows posting to blogs that support certain API’s. This is my first test post.
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