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Microsoft buys Pc to phone company
Skype, Yahoo, Google, Microsoft battling it out. Can this be anything but good for consumers?

Mastercard to go public
Interesting… although I wonder why?

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It’s Kurnia (Cun-Cun as we call him) ’s birthday today. All the best for life and the future Cun !

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Itchy watery eyes, stuffy runny nose, irritating sneezes, headaches …. what do all these have in common? They’re symptoms of hayfever / allergies, and I got them !!! It’s so damn annoying and I feel like gouging my eyes out sometimes because it’s very itchy, and my nose is running almost all the time.

Took anti allergy pill to make things better for a bit, and yet in the morning these come back. Aaaaaarrrggghhhh.. annoying…

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Potty ringer
No kidding, people really do this?

Wakamaru robot
What is it with Japanese and robots? ) But this one looks like a great deal for the future if it can help around the house a bit

Samsung 19″ Laptop
Found out via a friend of mine yesterday, good to have, unfortunately no Samsung products in the US or Canada

Self driving car from GM
This would be nice on the 401, which is almost always jammed these days

PC running 8 screens
Just what I need to replace the clutter on my screen

Hamster powered charger
Can I get a million hamsters running to power everything in my house?

How to fold a shirt
I’m lousy at this, why can’t we just leave it in the dryer and pick it up when we need it?

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” Toronto and Minnesota may be working on a trade that would send Raptors swingman Jalen Rose to the Timberwolves. Makes sense, considering Raptors general manager Rob Babcock used to work for Kevin McHale in Minnesota. No word on who Toronto might receive in return for Rose — although Wally Szczerbiak’s name seems to keeping being mentioned by those who like to speculate.

The Raptors are also pursuing Utah point guard Keith McLeod, a restricted free agent. McLeod averaged 7.8 points per game on 35 percent shooting from the field last season. The Raptors already attempted to sign Chicago‘s Chris Duhon to fill their third point guard spot, but the Bulls matched.”

I want to put up the link, but it doesn’t work for some reason, so I’m just posting the news. Sczerbiak for Rose? What do you guys think? Who’s McLeod?

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Gyargh…. my building must be the most fire alarm friendly around. The alarm just seems to go off at will. The last 2 weeks, every Friday and Saturday, on or around midnight, it goes off a couple of times, letting us know of its presence.

Some people have said it’s a malfunction caused by the second phase building next to us, and that it was fixed last week. And yet for the last 2 nights in a row, it kept going off around the same time, and appeared to come from the same floors in the middle of the building. The fun part? This building’s management just keeps mum on every issue around, hardly any notification about it, and when there’s some small announcement, it just doesn’t give any useful information.

I just hope this isn’t some punk playing pranks on us, because if it is, I sure hope he/she gets to meet the whole building in an egg throwing contest or something. Grrrr….

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Yay, I finally got a star rating for my Ebay user account. I’ve got a feedback score of 10, which allows me 1 yellow star. Next target : 50 = different colored star. Let’s see, to get a 10, it took me 5 years, so to get to 50, it should only take me 20 more years :).

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What do you think about traditions (in general)? Is it something that should be followed to the Tee? Should it serve as a ‘manual’ and thus any deviation from it will imply rebellion?

Or nobody cares at all?

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Well, (BIDU) has a very interesting ride since its IPO days. After close to 1 month of trading, its stock currently sits at $78.88. It is still a good price if you can get it in the IPO-price; but not so good if you get in at $79+. Here’s a very nice article about the rise and fall of BIDU.

Looking ahead…
I think Nortel (NT) is a good price at $3.10.

Satellite radio… is it time to get into XM radio (XMSR) or Sirius (SIRI)? It’s all about potential.

Gas Price… I think it is about time we get a hybrid car and look into investment opportunities in Alternative battery cells (

Health… well, i think WebMD (HLTH) is quite attractive. But a bit pricey.

XBox Generation 3 – will it boost Microsoft’s revenue in 06? I think so…:) And so will NVDIA and ATI…

To sum up my rant… check this interesting article on Four Stocks Mispriced By The Market.

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I’m Luke Skywalker )

Which Star Wars Jedi/Sith are you?

Luke Skywalker

You are the last hope for the Jedi order with Yoda and Obi Wan kicking the bucket. There are some tough battles that you have to fight both physically and emotionally, but unlike your father, you have what it takes to win them. The burden is reflected in your expression, which is quite depressing once you start on your long journey. Of course, it could be because before going Jedi-celibate, your only sexual experience came from your sister *shudder*.

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