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I added my site feed to the side bar if anybody’s interested.

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Got to the office at 8.00 AM after having 5 days off (sick on Friday, Sat, Sun, 2 days off Monday and Tuesday for Christmas andamp; Boxing day replacement). The whole floor was empty, no lights and deafly silent. Did they call of the last 3 working days of the year and forget to tell me?

Ah well, I think it’ll be a slow day today.

Update: 8.20 AM and some people are in the office, so I guess it’s still work :)

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Merry Christmas everyone, hope you have a blessed and joyful day !

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On Thursday night, I was driving on the 401 going to Church for music practice. This was after a whole day of snow, and freezing raing, so the road conditions were pretty bad. Well, little did I know I was going to get quite a scare.

Just before entering the 400, there is a bit of a slope on the 401. Now usually, going at about 100K/hr, I have no problems at all. But this day, the road was really, really, really (you get the point) slippery, and lots of vehicles were moving slowly. So in the middle of the climb, my car gets stuck and can’t move forward or backward. Usually, just the blinkers will take care of this while I try do something. Imagine my shock when I see in front of me a trailer that has the same problem as me, except… it was actually sliding back towards me !!!

So somehow in panic, I manage to move left a bit, and get halfway through before my car gets stuck again, right in the middle of the 401, blocking 2 right lanes. All the while the trailer was sliding back and appeared to be on collision course with the rear end of my car. A prayer and fleeting moment of panic later, the truck stopped, and I still couldn’t move.

To make the story short, a police cruiser came by to assist me, and salt trucks came and cleared the road ahead of me. Apparently I wasn’t the only one this happened to, according to the news, there were almost 100 incidents on the highway that night. I really thought there was nothing more dangerous than driving in Indonesia, now I stand corrected.

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Last Friday, about 3:50 pm, just I was packing up and getting ready to leave the office, I happened to be browsing In one of the threads, there was a post about VC going to New Jersey. Before this, there has been no rumour whatsoever about VC going to NJ, tt was always Portland, New York or New Orleans. So imagine my surprise when I opened up the thread and read something to this effect : “It’s done …”.

I quickly went to the end of the thread and behold, a link to one of Canada’s sport sites, which reported VC going to NJ for Aaron and Eric Williams, Alonzo Mourning andamp; 2 first round draft picks.
My initial thoughts were: “why?”. Aren’t those guys backup role guys, and didn’t Alonzo ask NJ for a trade to a contender? Last time I checked, the Raptors were in 2nd last position in the weakest division of the whole NBA, and didn’t seem like they were in a rush to win the championship this year. The 2 draft picks seemed the only redeeming thing, but then I found out that these were going to be mid-round picks at best.

A quick analysis of this says that Rob Babcock must be out of his mind. Trading a 27 year old, 5 time All-star for three 30+ year olds and probably mediocre picks. This couldn’t be the best value the Raptors could get for Carter could it? I mean, VC has lost value, but is his worth that low right now? Unless… another trade is in the works, maybe someone wanted Alonzo as part of another deal. So I just let that thought pass for the weekend.

After almost a week, still no news on Alonzo, many people are saying he might not report in at all. The other trade that people have been waiting for doesn’t seem like it will materialize anytime soon. Eric Williams has played a couple of games since that trade, and he seems a nice fit for the current Raptors, rebounds well, plays hard, and can score a bit. Aaron Williams has gotten something like 12 minutes in 2 games, so can’t judge him yet.

I’m trying to be positive about the Raptors even though it’s hard. If Aaron Williams and Alonzo don’t play, and the Raptors don’t improve their scouting and draft badly the next 2 years (nothing suggests they will draft wisely at all, case in point: Rafael Araujo), it will seem like the trade was only VC for Eric williams, which hardly seems fair. But again, maybe another trade is in the air, maybe Jalen will be traded, Alonzo bought out of his contract and sent somewhere. The Raptors could save cash and go for big name free agents in the next few years, and who knows, Rafael Araujo will turn out to be great in 2 or 3 years and team up with Chris Bosh to form something like Shaq andamp; Garnett for us… maybe the next 2 or 3 draft picks will then turn out to be like LeBron, Dwayne Wade andamp; Dirk Nowitzki… That seems like a dream, but considering the drama that has been unfolded around the Raptors this season, a fan deserves to dream.

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I’ve recently looked into a multi level marketing (MLM) opportunity. Of course I realize that there are lots of scams out there that will just sap my money, but on the other hand I also believe that there are some of these kinds of businesses that are legitimate.

This particular one seems quite different from the others. I’d still have to sell products and gain downlines, but in this case there’s actually a way to measure the progress of someone who’s taking / using the products I’m selling. In any other MLM business, you sell the product and the customer would have no way of telling if the product is good or not for their health. This business actually has a scientifically backed machine that can measure amounts of antioxidants in a person’s body.

Of course, I’m still doing my research on this. I’m currently taking some of their multi-vitamins, and signed up to be one of their distributors (no joining fee … yay !!!); In the next few weeks, I’ll listen to some of their presentations on CD, do more research about the company, products and their scientific backings. If they turn out ok, I might just start doing this and see if it can run. Oh, I haven’t mentioned another big reason I’m going with this particular company: they’re opening up in Indonesia sometime next year, around the time we’re planning on moving back to Indonesia. So the reasoning goes like this: get in Indonesia at the top, get lots of downlines, and within 3 years, retire happy :)

If you want to know the company name, just send me an email at drochili [at] hotmail [dot] com. Didn’t want to post it here because it might seem to be a marketing trick of some sort.

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