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Hello everyone, I’ve arrived safely in Jakarta last Thursday. Didn’t manage to get internet until a few days later. The journey from Toronto to Jakarta was quite interesting to say the least, here’s some of the highlights:

- Trying to check in 7 luggages was quite a pain. Air Canada only allows 23 kg per baggage, no matter that we were connecting on their Star Alliance Partner, Singapore Airlines which allows 32 kgs per baggage. Hence, a rush at the airport, stuffing 2 bags until the limit and paying an extra CAD $70 for it.
- Plane was delayed from Toronto – Newark by 1/2 hour or so, and yet we arrived ahead of schedule, go figure.
- Couldn’t get the seating arrangement we wanted because there were only 2 bassinets on the plane, and there was another family with baby. We ended up sitting in a row for 3 and founda another space somewhere at the back (not a full flight).
- Plane was delayed by 1 1/2 hours from Newark – Singapore. With 2 kids due for their sleep, that was quite tiring. So the 18.5 hours supposed total travel time was increased to about 20 hours in plane.
- Luckily the seats in SQ21′s Executive Economy class can recline quite far and has footrests that can come up horizontal to the seat. My 1 year old could be put to bed there, and was quite ok with it.
- The flight was quite nice, lots of snacks in the counter at the small lounge area at the back of the plane. Only 2 meals though, after take off and just before landing, in between there was lots of snacking and cup noodles :).
- Arrived in Singapore late, missed our original plane, had to run to catch our next connecting flight and nearly missed it (last passengers in, gates closing).
- Arrived in Jakarta, told that our luggages were delayed by 1 flight since they couldn’t make it to our flight.
- Found out that 1 of the 7 luggages was lost in limboland. Got it back delivered the next day.

I really expected much worse with 2 kids (the small one also had a cough and cold throughout the trip), but they were great in the plane, slept for the majority of the trip and weren’t too cranky considering the trip we undertook. My older one has adjusted quite well, with lots of toys and playing space in my in-laws place, while the little one was scared silly hearing dogs barking and roosters crowing. He still hasn’t adjusted yet, cries everytime he wakes up (normally he just sleeps and when he wakes up calls out to us) due to the different environment and they both sweat profusely due to the humidity.

Right now we’re trying to find a house and school for my older son, as well as internet connection for me. The speed and prices here are quite ridiculous, most of the cable/ADSL that are “high-speed” here are a max of 384 Kbps down and 64 Kb up for about $80 USD.

Still not sure what I’ll be doing here, but it does seem opportunities abound. Just have to find the right ones.

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It’s time to say goodbye to everyone in Toronto, Canada. Tomorrow, myself along with my wife and kids will be flying over to Indonesia where we’ll be starting our new life. I’m feeling a whole bunch of feelings right now, sad for leaving my parents, brothers and Church family here where we grew, scared about not knowing what to do in Indo, as well as excited about what opportunities lie ahead there. Indo is a big unknown for me right now, having to start a new life in a new country (albeit one I grew up in) and not knowing when I can see my family here again has really put tons of stress on me.

But now that the time has come to finally go and move on, I believe deep in my heart that God has sent me there for a purpose and that no matter how big the challenges ahead, He’ll still be there for me and give me strength to carry on. Leaving Canada, my comfort zone, might be very hard, but I’m sure I’ll manage to adapt to my new surroundings and build on the family and career there.

With that said, I’ll be leaving tomorrow with tears of sorrow; and until that joyful time when a reunion is possible, farewell Toronto and everybody we know here, and hello Jakarta :)

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It’s 2007 already, time flies as they say. We’re moving back to Indonesia on the 23rd of January, so still in the middle of packing up everything and selling/throwing out unused goods. It’s going to be a new chapter in our lives, and with it comes new challenges to overcome.

I still haven’t coped with the sad fact that I’ll be leaving my parents and brothers (again), as I’m not sure when I’ll see them again, and venturing into a new and unknown situation in Indo will be tough, especially since I’m not sure what I’ll be doing yet to get income. Those are the two main burdens I have right now leading to the departure from Toronto.

Even so, I’m excited to go and see what’s going to happen. Here’s hoping that 2007 will be a great year and blessed for everyone.

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