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In 2004, when SBY was elected president, the ousted president refused to offer the president elect any sort of congratulatory note, save some obscure comment made in an unofficial manner.

Fast forward 5 years to 2009, Indonesia just finished the presidential election, and quick counts are showing that SBY again beat this former-president and her current vice presidential candidate for the position. And yet again, before the official results have been published, the camp of this former president is spitting venom, claiming that the counts are invalid etc.

I just can’t understand how presidential candidates in this country can have little manner and knowledge. Don’t they know the law of averages? OK, say that there are indeed irregularities over the entire country, and all the missing votes or invalid votes or whatever counted for only this particular “president wannabe”, would it still be able to overcome a 60% – 25% difference in current count? Are they trying to say that the incumbent has somehow managed to cheat at this process?

Consider that scenario for once: if indeed they are playing money games, and someone could buy out votes, wouldn’t this former president with her vice president wannabe be able to out-buy the votes? After all, in terms of riches, they are far richer than the incumbent (last reported, the complainers had at least 1.5 trillion rupiahs in total wealth compared to the incumbent and his vp choice – about 20 billion rupiahs, – about 75 times as much).

So what could they be complaining about? I don’t have a clue, I plain think they’re just sore losers, and thank goodness the Indonesian people could see them as they are.

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(It seems) that our incumbent president, Mr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono will retain his position for the next 5 years as expected. The only thing I didn’t see coming was a one round election (Indonesia’s election goes up to 2 rounds if any candidate fails to gain 50% of the votes). I actually expected the other 2 candidates to put up more of a fight. I guess that shows just how much I know about politics :).

I just regret that when Indonesia’s stock market surges ahead tomorrow, I didn’t have the foresight to buy any yesterday.

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