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*Life Update*

Well, it’s been almost 2 months since I last posted. Still in Canada at the moment, waiting to sell our condo unit. The original plan was to move sometime early September (ie. NOW :) ), but after having the unit on the market for 4 months with exactly 1 lowball offer, there has been no indication of when this thing will sell.

So right now, we’re just waiting before moving back to Indonesia. I’m getting quite frustrated since that means I can’t start doing anything yet, while income from EI is quite limited. Been doing almost nothing for 6 months and I’m feeling really really bored and anxious to get moving :). I just hope I don’t have to go through another winter here. The only good thing is that I still get to see my parents and brothers for awhile more, I’m gonna miss them once I go back.

*/Life Update*

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