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Virtualization is a big word these days, allowing increased utilization of hardware resources and thus driving cost of operations down. Microsoft has made its Virtual Server software available for free to the public, signalling their intent to jump into the server virtualization market and challenge VMWare.

They also have said that support for Linux machines are being built, in addition to already existing support for certain flavours of Linux such as Red Hat and SUSE.

Personally, I’m always in favor of lots of competition in the market, because it always benefits the consumer in the end. It remains to be seen whether Microsoft can overtake VMWare in the long run, but along with Xen, the consumers have quite a bit of options to choose from.

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I was recently trying to send a big file to a friend of mine through MSN Messenger, and found it to be really slow. So I was just thinking of putting it up on my site so he can go grab it through FTP.

But today I stumbled upon Dropsend, which allows people to send large file attachments to an email recipient through their site, as well as act as an online storage facility. The free version only allows 5 sent files a month and 250 Mb storage, but it was a perfect solution for what I needed to do.

The recipient will see a link in their email which will allow download of the file once they click on it, which is very nice since they won’t need to have their email client download the whole file when trying to view the message.

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I installed Firefox 1.5 at home yesterday and everything worked fine. This morning, I tried doing the same thing to my computer at work, and lo and behold, it showed up with about 25% of the lower area below the statusbar greyed out. Nothing could be done to this area, and the only thing it contained was a red ^ on the left hand side of it.

It was quite frustrating trying to solve this thing, and I spent a good couple of hours browsing forums and the web for a solution. Some of the suggestions people gave:
- Un-install and Re-install the browser
- Un-install all themes and extensions
- Run in safe mode
- Create a new profile

In the end, after trying all those steps above with no luck, I decided to wipe out anything related to Mozilla Firefox (including the hidden Mozilla folder under Drive:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data) on my PC and start from scratch; and voila, what do you know it works fine now )

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I found a couple of interesting issues within this article:
- Microsoft is using a different approach than previous OS releases. This time, they’re releasing it to the Tech community more frequently to gather feedback. I think this is a great step by Microsoft to show that they care about what users think and that they intend to take those inputs into consideration while working on this new OS. The fact that this is the “next great thing” from Microsoft, shows how customer centric Microsoft has become.

- Tools for authoring documents in XML Paper Specification (Metro). I’ve heard news about Microsoft planning on taking on Adobe in the portable document ring, this looks like the beginnings of that venture.

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Well, here goes Google Talk, Google’s foray into IM and PC to PC VoIP calls. Let’s see how it stacks up against MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and Skype.

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If you need to manage SQL Server / MSDE databases, and don’t have enterprise manager, try this web based tool that pretty much allows you to do most common things: Web Data Administrator.

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I downloaded Firefox at work a couple of days ago, and guess what? Good bye IE ! Seriously, it loads pages faster, has lots of cool features like the Live bookmarks for RSS feeds, tabbed browsing (no more clutter on my taskbar from too many open browsers, yay!!!), and lots more extensions. Don’t know why it took that long for me to give it a try, but great thing I did.

There’s just a couple of sites that won’t open because of ActiveX components, and I still have IE installed for those kinds of situations, but other than that surfing with Firefox has truly been fun.

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I’ve been trying to install dotText, a .NET based blogging tool created by Scott Watermasysk.

I found it easy to install on my own computer for testing, but impossible to configure on my web hosting provider. Not sure what I’m doing wrong at all, I’ve used the same web.config as on my machine (with server values changed of course), and yet dotText refuses to work.

I’ve posted my problem here. If anyone can help me it’d be greatly appreciated.

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