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Man, it’s a hassle to give a car to someone in Ontario…

The car that we’re currently using actually belonged to my wife’s brother, but he’s gone to Indonesia for good now, and the car is used by us. We’re in the process of trying to transfer the car ownership to be under my wife’s name and register the insurance under my name, since it could cut the insurance costs by almost half.

Now the problem is that the ministry of transportation doesn’t allow gifts/transfer of vehicles between siblings. Parents, grand parents, kids, grand children are ok, but not between brother and sister. So, the solution is to think of this as a sale, meaning we have to pay the taxes on such a sale. And even then, it cannot be sold for $1; it must be sold at book value.

So, in the process of trying to do this, I read the rules for selling a car, and it requires a safety certificate and emission test. Guess what? A safety certificate and emission test combined cost almost 200 bucks. Add that to the tax we have to pay, and it’s a couple grand down the drain, just to transfer the name of a vehicle from my wife’s brother to her.

Can you imagine this funny scenario? We’re driving the car for the last few months, and just to make a name change on ownership, we have to pay a couple thousand dollars to the government? *sigh*, lots of spending the next few days… just to save on insurance. Can’t wait for the days of teleportation :)

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