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I’ve decided to study towards CompTIA’s Project+ certification. The main reason being that in my current workplace, project management skills is a huge must if trying to climb up the ladder. I also considered the fact that project management skills would be in demand wherever I go. The more I look at project management, the more I like the fact that it helps prevent failures up front and increases the chance of successfully completing a project. I’ve found that project management will be very helpful in the various things I do, be it at work or in life.

There are a couple of reasons I chose Project+:
1. It’s an entry to mid level PM certification, unlike PMI’s Project Management Professional which is more targeted towards seasoned PM’s.
2. PMI’s entry level cert, called the Certified Associate in Project Management, was a consideration, but since it required re-certification every few years and paid training hours, I decided to go with Project+, which require no re-certification and no training hours.
3. My company provided online training material, and Project+’s material (2003) was more up to date than PMI’s material (PMBOK 2000 vs PMBOK 2003)

Of course, once I get this, the more long term goal will still be to get the PMP certification. My target is to spend about 1 or 2 months doing intensive learning (1 or 2 hours a day), and sign up for the certification test around August / September tentatively.

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