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Gyargh…. my building must be the most fire alarm friendly around. The alarm just seems to go off at will. The last 2 weeks, every Friday and Saturday, on or around midnight, it goes off a couple of times, letting us know of its presence.

Some people have said it’s a malfunction caused by the second phase building next to us, and that it was fixed last week. And yet for the last 2 nights in a row, it kept going off around the same time, and appeared to come from the same floors in the middle of the building. The fun part? This building’s management just keeps mum on every issue around, hardly any notification about it, and when there’s some small announcement, it just doesn’t give any useful information.

I just hope this isn’t some punk playing pranks on us, because if it is, I sure hope he/she gets to meet the whole building in an egg throwing contest or something. Grrrr….

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