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I’m back in the annual NBA Fantasy League with a group of friends after finishing 3rd last year due to injuries to key players in the semi final round. Trying to hopefully gain a high pick after being ranked 12th and 11th in the previous Yahoo drafts, Yahoo indeed screws me up again by giving me the 10th pick this year!!! Well, maybe in 9 years I’ll end up with 1st pick somehow :).

Here’s this year’s picks for me:

  1. Chris Paul – I chose Paul over Kidd just because of his younger age.
  2. Rashard Lewis – Amare and Yao both gone back-to-back at that tail end of the first round, 3rd year in a row I have Rashard. Hope he’s as good as last year.
  3. Carlos Boozer – 20-10 guy in an out.
  4. Mike Bibby – Yeah, I know he was injured on the 26th of October. I last read the news before he was injured and didn’t bother checking during draft time on the 27th.
  5. Raymond Felton – Hoping for a big year from Felton.
  6. Tyson Chandler – Looking quite healthy and always a rebounding champ threat when on the court.
  7. Samuel Dalembert – Bibby and Dalembert played all 82 games last year. The moment I pick them, one is out 2 months and this guy has a stress fracture on his foot that has not healed properly.
  8. Boris Diaw – This is the only player I know of who ever got G, F, C eligibility on Yahoo 2 years back. Impressive stats if Amare even misses a few games.
  9. Larry Hughes – Trying to gamble that Hughes still has a resemblance of his old-Washington-Wizards skill left at 9th pick.
  10. Marvin Williams – Looked good in pre-season stats.
  11. Jamaal Magloire – Maybe a chance to shine in front-court challenged New Jersey?
  12. Desmond Mason – Back in starting role in Milwaukee.
  13. Steve Francis – Think that Stevie Franchise in the 13th round was possible 2 years ago?
  14. Shavlik Randolph – I thought he was ok last year when Webber went out for awhile.
  15. Louis Williams – Heard he was tearing up summer league.

Since that fateful draft day, I have traded Bibby and Dalembert for Okafor, dropped Randolph, Willams and Magloire to pick up Derek Fisher, Martell Webster and Rashad McCants.

I don’t think this lineup is as strong as mine last year considering last year I picked Rashard in the 4th, Butler in the 6th, Deron in 8th and Mo Williams at 9th (this year all those players were gone way before 5th round); I’m just hoping this team has some surprises in it to make a splash this year.

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