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My wife just had her laser vision correction done at LasikMD. The procedure itself according to her only took about 5 minutes or so, but the preparation and recovery time included made it total almost 5 hours.

When I picked her up after the procedure, her eyes were very sensitive, sore and it was hard for her to even open them. Apparently this will be the norm for the first 6 hours after surgery. There are a couple of other issues during the next while that she has to follow such as:

  • - Wearing black sunglasses ala Stevie Wonder for quite awhile :).
  • - Using eye drops on the eyes every 15 minutes for the next 24 hours, and as needed till about 3 months from now.
  • - During naps and sleep time, she has this gel that she has to wear and a pair of glasses that will prevent accidental scratching.
  • - The eyes cannot be touched by water for at least 1 week, which is quite hard for her because it means taking extra care and time to wash her hair. The doctor recommended wearing swimming goggles anytime she’s near the shower :).
  • - Regular checkups tomorrow, 1 week after, 1 month after and 3 months after.

All in all, I think it’s a great technology to have, allowing people with vision problems to have it back to perfect 20/20 vision. It’s not a cheap procedure (they start at about $490 per eye, and gets more expensive if your eyes are worse), it cost my wife almost $800 CAD per eye, totaling $1600 (not including insurance).

A piece of advice to anyone thinking of doing this: try negotiate the price. My wife tried to ask for a better price and couldn’t get any, but while she was talking to another patient this afternoon, she found out that the person forced the issue, and got a reduction in price + a 3 year insurance. That person then added $100 to make it lifetime guarantee (meaning if the eyes get bad again, the procedure is free for as long as you live). The price my wife was told was an extra $400 for a lifetime guarantee, so she didn’t go for it. If she got the deal that person got, she would’ve been able to get the lifetime guarantee for $1700 CAD.

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2 Responses to “LasikMD”

  1. Jimmy
    July 13th, 2007 | 5:02 pm

    Hi Darrick,
    I recently had my eye surgery done at LASIK MD.

    I just wanted to say I was very happy with the service offered and I feel I paid a fair price for the procedure. Before doing the actual surgery, I did some shopping around and they were definitely offering the best price! And if you bring a written quote from anywhere else they will always better the price and give you an additional $100 off. I also felt the surgeons were very professional and experienced and reassured me throughout the whole process.

    I see your wife had her surgery done about a year ago and that in the meantime you moved to Indonesia. Well, I wish you all the best there and hopefully you don’t miss your friends and family in Toronto too much.

    Take care,

    A person happy with perfect vision – Mississauga.

  2. Johnathan
    June 29th, 2009 | 5:01 am

    Just had the surgery myself a couple of days ago, and I have to say I am very impressed. The results are UNBELIEVABLE, I had no sensitivity, no pain and discomfort, and no diminished night vision or “halos” at night. I attribute this alot to the surgeon that performed the procedure. The staff is great, they are friendly and professional and were obviously dedicated to improving my vision. I have no complaints and urge anyone that is considering laser surgery to go in for the free consultation, it is worth every penny.

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