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Man, just when everyone started feeling better (we were all taking turns getting the cold and cough), suddenly on Saturday, both our sons got sick. The older one kept on vomitting through the night and couldn’t eat or drink anything, and also had the fever, while the little one has a stuffy and runny nose.

We took them to the doctor on Sunday, and apparently there’s no infection in either of them, but needed to monitor their temperatures. I’m not too worried about our baby because it just looks like the common cold, but our older son keeps saying his tummy hurts. I know it’s probably the stomach flu and he’s hungry from not eating for 2 days, but just worried that it might be appendicitis. So, we’ll see if he still complains about his stomach this afternoon, if so I might need to take him to his pediatrician.

Oh boy, the joys of having 2 kids :)

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