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I’ve always had this fascination with medieval times, especially with knights and swordfights. I always imagined living in those days, being part of a kingdom, fighting battles against evil forces, growing into an elite knight that is trusted by the king to the most important missions.

Well, we all know that’s not gonna happen anytime soon :). So I’m actually considering something more current that will allow me to at least enact the swordplay part, fencing. Don’t know why I’ve never thought about this before, but yesterday, while watching one episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, where Captain Picard was practicing, I suddenly thought, “Hey, why not try fencing?”.

I’ve been looking around for some fencing tutorials and clubs where I could join a beginners session. When I have some free time, maybe I’ll go join a club and become a knight, err… fencer I mean :)

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