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Holy crap !!! My car insurance broker just emailed me, saying that my premium which was at a ridiculous $313 a month would have to go up to $477 with the same company. He found me another one at $350.

I’m just venting here, but what the heck is going on with car insurance in Ontario? The government said that the rates were supposed to go down all over the place, and this is what happens to someone who’s trying to do the right thing by driving safely etc? I realize that I have a suspension on my abstract (driving with a G1, although I had an International License at the time), but it’s gonna expire in January. I haven’t had any accident or claims within the last god knows how many years, my record is gonna disappear in a couple of months, and they decide to increase my rates ? WTH ?!#@$#@$^$#andand$#%and$

They call me ‘high risk’, but what risk do I have? No accidents, no claims since I’ve been driving in Canada? Alright, I drove with a G1, but what has that got to do with risk? (I had an international license for crying out loud + I’ve been driving outside Canada for more than 7 years). Does this make any sense to anybody?

Man, I can just hope that one day insurance companies will somehow have to suffer for what they’re doing to their customers right now.

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