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I’m a freelance translator / interpreter with 2 Toronto agencies. I have been doing it for a couple of years now, and even though it’s not a full time income, it’s pretty good pay when there are jobs. The one agency I’m with (All Languages) is a great agency to freelance with, and I get most of my assignments from them.

The other one (I won’t mention them here because it’s gonna reflect quite badly on them) has a few assignments here and there. I did 2 translations for them in April, and sent them the invoices within 1 day after finishing my assignments. Now, normally with All Languages, I’d get paid the first week of the next month, but with this other agency, somehow up until now (2nd week of June) I still haven’t received my paycheck yet. I already called up the person who usually gives me the assignments in May, and she told me that I should have it by the end of May. Well it’s the second week of June already, and I still don’t have the payment for those 2 assignments.

I realize that it’s not really a huge amount, but it shows how unprofessional this agency is. If I don’t get my paycheck at the end of this month, maybe I’ll just release the name of this agency so that people know how they treat their freelancers.

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