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Long absence

Phew, that was a long absence from blogging. Well, to summarize, I’m attaching an email I sent to a couple of buddies yesterday regarding our move from house to condo. It pretty much sums up what’s been going on the last few weeks, packing, getting ready to move, and on d-day … read for yourself :)

- On Monday, our lawyer said that by Tuesday, our keys should have been released (ie, their lawyer receive everything from our lawyer and tell the concierge that we can get our keys) – Monday 10AM : On my way to pickup truck, call concierge, receive notice that keys haven’t been released, wait few hours
Call lawyer, the secretary says “Oh, you guys were moving in today? I thought you weren’t” $#%andamp;%#^*%^* what the heck? Didn’t your boss tell me yesterday that my keys should be ready today? anyway, she proceeds to rush it through courier which should get to the builder’s lawyer at 12.30 at the latest. Well I think still good, coz I move at 1
- Grab the troops and load stuff into truck (cool truck, ramp, huge space)
- Finished loading stuff, still no news, get worried, call lawyer, concierge, builder’s lawyer, back and forth .. lost count how many times.
- 12.45 Our piano movers came and still no keys, so they hang around for a bit, and might start charging by the hour ($100 / hr.. dang.. we should be movers) if nothing happens soon
- ok.. I find out that the courier indeed delivered a package to the builder’s lawyer .. guess what IT WAS THE WRONG PACKAGE !!! Ok, by this time, I’m not sure what to do… I’m fuming, but I had a stomach ache since morning, back and forth to the washroom, so no energy left to scream and shout at anyone. Damn couriers
- The secretary said she’ll trace the package and get back to me asap.
- I call the concierge and ask if the piano movers can just put the piano in the loading area and leave. She says ok, so I tell the piano guys to go. Pay the $150 bucks for moving.
- Eat pizza… hmmm.. extreme cheese, bacon and mushroom + creamy garlic sauce…. yumm m
- Oops.. that wasn’t good for stomach.. back to washroom….
- 1.30 .. no news… start praying a lot
- 2.15 NEWS!!! …. BAD !!!!!! apparently piano wasn’t allowed in the loading dock by security, concierge made a mistake. They have to start charging by the hour now… arghh.. my wife makes a bargain to take the piano back for $50. OK deal… $200 for taking piano, take it for a ride and bring it back … wow.. people should start a piano walking service
- 2.17 (notice the 2 minute difference from last news) call secretary of lawyer, she calls and says package has been received, keys should be received anytime soon … damn..better try call concierge to stop those piano guys … … she runs after those guys. … 2.19 … those guys already left . I apologize profusely for keep bugging the concierge, but she’s a nice person…
- Call builder lawyer… keys have indeed been released.. … piano movers come back.. my wife makes another deal.. extra $20 to bring it back to condo. .. so there u go … poor movers :) back and forth u go ..
- We go to the building and move everything in 2.5 hours.
- OK, now by 5, we’re supposed to get our new mattresses… apparently it’s been postponed for 6 to 9 … and Bell guy supposed to come between 5 and 9.
- Call the mattress guy, says it’s today at 6 to 9 … so have to wait.
- I go home shower, change, come back at 6 … concierge says nobody came. So I wait till 7.30 .. Bell guy doesn’t come.. have a bad feeling that he’s not ever going to come that day even though Bell promised. Call Bell … ….. some stupid system being updated, call again later… decide to give up on Bell… leave for dinner with everyone at around 8.
- Get home at 10 … garbage not thrown… pack up garbage… find out that dollar store garbage bags.. are indeed that.. .GARBAGE … they tear very easily on the slightest bump, giving me more things to do like double pack stuff….
- Sleep at 11 30…

Well.. that was a really really long post. Next post coming up regarding more annoying people I encountered during move..

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