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No more Bell for me

OK, to continue my rant from the previous post, here’s a rant about Bell and some movers.
The next day after we got stood up by the Bell technician and mattress movers, I called Bell in the morning. (Note: My wife called last week to add my name to the account and give them our contact number while we don’t have a phone). The customer service officer apologizes and says that it’s apparently been re-scheduled for that day between 6 and 9. She also says that my name is not on account and they don’t have a contact phone on file. Well, apparently their system just doesn’t save after updates, since my wife specifically told them the week before about the changes. So I put my wife on a conference call and get this solved.

So at 6 o’clock, I’m at my condo waiting for the mattress guy and Bell guy to come in. 7.30 pm, no Bell guy, no mattress guy, I have a bad feeling that this is going to be just like the day before. I call the mattress guy, and he confirms that delivery is still on. I call Bell guy, says that it’s still on but to call back at 8.45 if nothing happens yet. So we keep on waiting until 8.45. I call Bell, and the person says that the tech is overloaded and I need to call in the next day and make another appointment. My wife calls mattress guy, and he doesn’t have a clue what’s going on, so he gets an earful from my wife about being a professional business guy and knowing how to deliver goods on time :)

Today, I call Bell and guess what? Apparently, after being told that they weren’t gonna make it last night, a tech indeed went to my condo at 9.25 ! I complain that I was told to re-schedule today and that the time frame was 5 to 9, not 9.25. Guy says that next appointment would be Aug 16. I blow a gasket, since this is really bad customer service. I mean, they stood us up twice in a row, had no courtesy to let us know by contacting us, wasted 6 hours of our time which should have been spent moving, and now they tell me that I have to wait almost a week for the tech to come in ??? How could you act this way to customers and expect them to be loyal to you? I’ve got satellite, phone and internet service with them, but apparently a small customer like me doesn’t really matter to them. So I just cancelled all my services with Bell, and I’m gonna try my hardest to let everyone know about this. Probably an emotional and naive thing to do, since I can’t get any phone service now (Sprint and Primus don’t have service in our building yet), but at least I’m not doing any business with Bell for now. I’ve decided to get a Internet phone connection to replace a land line, hopefully I can get this done soon.

As for the mattress guy, there’s still no news right now, and I’ll be calling him soon.

How’s that for frustrating things to happen to you during moving?

On a happier note, our condo is beautiful. It’s a change going from a huge house to a small place, but it’s nice, no more mowing the lawn or shoveling snow, and less to take care of. It’s still mostly construction on the building though, and dusty/messy all around, probably gonna take a few months before it actually feels like a living place.

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