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What is customer service?

So for the last week or so, I’ve had to deal with lots of customer service people regarding address changes. They call themselves different things, business operations associate, owner, etc, but in function, they are performing customer service.

With Bell, as everyone knows from my 2 previous posts, I’ve encountered really bad customer service. They keep telling me one thing, but don’t show enough action to actually make me happy. What’s really bad is that they never ever once said sorry or bothered to notify me when the tech was delayed or not coming. They just kept on saying, we’ll have to re-schedule you and giving me time frames which was never kept. Because of this, I’ve un-subscribed from Sympatico and ExpressVu also. (To keep things fair, the customer service for both Sympatico and ExpressVu were very symphatetic and understanding of my situation.)

The mattress people have a similar problem to Bell. The guy was supposed to get there last night, and you guessed it, he changed it to today because of some stupid reason. Of course he decided to give us 4 pillows as an apology, but the same situation occurs. They kept saying one thing, but never did take action to deliver the product on time.

Here’s an example from this morning. After I got on my train and sat down, even before the train got out of the station completely, it broke down. 10 minutes later, an announcement was made that we all had to walk to the end of the train because only the last carriage was still on the platform. To add to this, we were told that the next train that came into the station would wait until all of us got on. So I walked in line to the end of the train, and guess what happened when I got out? The other train closed their doors and left. Half of our train were told to wait for the next one 10 minutes behind. Wonderful customer service ey? Tell us that the train would wait for us, and leave. In addition, no word of apology at all.

Which brings me to my question on customer service: Is it really just a service where companies try to diffuse a bad situation by telling customers BS? I mean, in all these cases, I was told by customer service people one thing, and something worse happens. Of course we can find many exemplary customer service people, but I just find that in lots of large companies especially, customers are treated like a number. If we complain, then tell us what we want to hear, even though it might not be the truth or possible, which of course makes us even angrier when we realize that we were lied to. I don’t know how some companies live with bad customer service when it’s taking away lots of business from them.

Oh well, just a Friday afternoon rant from me :)

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