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Within the last few years, I’ve seen a debate going on about the greeting “Merry Christmas”. It seems that certain groups feel offended by the phrase. They want it to be politically correct and changed to “Happy Holidays” or something similar that excludes the word “Christmas”. This Christmas, I’ve seen more and more people get away from the “Merry Christmas” greeting, and instead just say “happy holidays”.

I find this quite ridiculous. With other religions/beliefs, you can find people being congratulated on celebrating their beliefs, Hanukkah, Ramadhan, etc. Nobody seems to be raising a stink about this at all? Why is it that when Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ into this world, people suddenly act defensive and weird? Trying to take out the word “Christ” from Christmas just seems like a stupid thing to do. This is a holiday that has to do with faith and belief in Christ, so why take that out from the greeting?

Personally, I don’t really care what the politically correct phrase is. For me, it’s still wishing everyone a “Merry Christmas” and a happy new year !

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